Home Energy Audit

What to expect during your energy audit


What To Expect

An energy audit from Five Lakes Home Energy Audits takes about three and a half hours and costs $550. I will contact you a day or so before our appointment, to ask you to make sure the access to your attic is not blocked by shelving or other things. If you burn wood in a fireplace or stove, you should clean up any ashes or else cover them with dampened paper. There will be a time when I have a door wide open for a while, as I assemble the blower door. Any pets who are potential escapees should be sequestered during that brief time.

The energy audit includes:

combustion testing of your furnace and water heater for safety and efficiency


measuring the footprint of your house


blower door test measuring the draftiness of the house


thermal camera inspection of the ceiling, windows and walls


visual inspection in the attic and basement of insulation levels


measuring the strength of your bath and kitchen exhaust fans


calculating the level of fresh air ventilation available in the house


a detailed report of your home's performance with recommendations for improvement


if you qualify for Focus on Energy's incentive funds, the energy audit adds to the amount you may receive from them


Home Energy Assessment

After the home energy audit, you will receive a detailed report outlining the current condition of your home, recommendations for energy saving improvements, and possible Focus on Energy incentives.

A Home Energy Audit is a requirement for customers applying for Focus on Energy incentive funds to help with insulation and air-sealing costs.

The cost is $550 for locations in my service area.*
*$575 for locations in my extended service area


Home Energy Score

Developed by the Department of Energy and its national laboratories, the 1 through 10 Home Energy Score (HES) is based on a standard assessment of homes nationwide to easily compare energy use across the housing market. I offer Home Energy Scores in May through September. It is a quick assessment and costs $100 in my service area and extended service area. An HES does not make a customer eligible for incentive funds.